Ben Trickey "Sings Songs With Friends"

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Ben Trickey & Charles Walker
Split EP

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Ben Trickey & Burnt Sky
Horizon Line Fires

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The Sound of the Distance EP CD

Order the EP on limited edtion CD. Featuring remixes by Shy Layers, An English Place and Comfy Chair. Also featuring live tracks, a new song, and a Julien Baker cover.

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Choke & Croon CD/LP

Order the full length on CD or vinyl
Vinyl Includes download card & lyric sheet.

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Deeper Waters Tour EP
Limited EP with alternate versions and covers of
songs from Rising Waters

Featuring Brandon Schmitt, Larvae and An English Place
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Rising Waters CD/LP

Order the full length on CD or 180 gram vinyl
Vinyl Includes download card & lyric sheet

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Come On, Hold On LP

Order the full length on 180 Gram Vinyl
includes CD copy and lyrics sheet

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All 4 Comic Book series 7"s records

Get all 4 of the comic book 7" series for a discounted price

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Alabama 7"

Alabama (7" Version)
b/w Shipwrecked in the 80's (Kris Kristofferson cover), Guiding Star

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The Darkness (Don't Know Nothin') 7"

The Darkness "Don't Know Nothin'"(7" Version) b/w
The End of It All (7" Version), Pale Moon Sings (Brandon Schmitt cover)

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Open The Sky 7"

Open The Sky (7" version)
b/w Saving Grace (How You Doin') (7" version), True Love Will Find You In the End (Daniel Johnston cover)

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Cold Wind 7"

Cold Wind
b/w You Are My Sunshine (cover), Cavalry

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