Ben Trickey did a couple videos for the good folks over at Couch By Couchwest. A version of "The End of It All" and a Kris Kristofferson cover "Shipwrecked in the Eighties" that will be recorded for a 7" someday. Click the picture above to check it out and while you're there, check out some of the other great perfomances.

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"Rising Waters" is the new full length by Ben Trickey and his band. You can stream 4 songs from the album right now in the Soundcloud player on the right side of your screen.

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The 3rd Pygmy Records 7" is still coming out fairly soon.

The folks at Pygmy Records have delayed the 3rd 7" for a bit. Don't worry if you've already ordered it in a bundle! Everything else in your order will ship now and when this 7" does get released, you will be sent one, extra shipping be damned! The updated bundles in the store now feature the first two 7"s.

The third one will feature 7" versions of "The Darkness (Don't Know Nothin')" and "The End of It All" as well as a Brandon Schmitt cover "Pale Moon Sings."

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